DSSC surlyn (BITHAN) 熱壓封裝機機台說明:
       適用對象:熱壓合 熱固化 液晶面板封裝 太陽能染料敏化電池封裝
  1.  採用溫控可調時間控制器。
  2. 立即停止防呆裝置。
  3.  氣壓式可調整壓合裝置。
  4. 壓合壓力可調,整調整範圍:1~5 Kgf/cm (以內)。
  5. 加熱系統之溫度控制在常溫~250℃以內(自由設定)。
  6. 設有緊急自動停止保護裝置 。
  • 機台尺寸300mmx200mmx570mm 12kg
  • 有效封裝面積:60mm×60mm or 120㎜×120㎜
  • 加工範圍: 50~150mm 客製
  •  使用電壓: AC110V 50/60HZ
  • 使用空壓: 8bar以內 (購買者需自備空壓來源:如空壓機或氮氣)
  • DSSC surlyn (BITHAN) hot press packaging machine machine description:
  • Applicable object: thermocompression heat curing liquid crystal panel package solar dye sensitized battery package
  • Temperature controlled adjustable time controller.
  • Stop the foolproof device immediately.
  • Pneumatic adjustable press fit.
  • The pressing pressure is adjustable, and the whole adjustment range is 1~5 Kgf/cm (within).
  • The temperature of the heating system is controlled within the normal temperature ~250 °C (free setting).
  • Emergency emergency stop protection is available.
  • Machine size 300mmx200mmx570mm 12kg
  • Effective packaging area: 60mm × 60mm or 120mm × 120mm
  • Processing range: 50~150mm custom
  • Operating voltage: AC110V 50/60HZ
  • Use air pressure: 8bar or less (purchasers need to bring their own air pressure source: such as air compressor or nitrogen)


11 十一月 2018




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