Vacuum hydrogen meter

Product manual

Qualitative detection of hydrogen content in aluminum liquid by vacuum curing principle is suitable for aluminum casting production site or laboratory, and qualitative evaluation of chlorine removal effect of aluminum alloy. For high quality castings, the defect rate can be reduced by the test results. Avoid loss of dissolution costs.


  • Small size and light weight, it can be tested for molten metal in different positions.
    This model vacuum chamber uses a glass observation window.
    The analysis speed is fast, and the metal hydrogen content analysis can be completed in five minutes.
    The operation is simple, and the user can safely use without complicated education and training.
    The vacuum time range is adjustable from 1 sec to 60 min, depending on various site requirements.
    Streamlined design, maintenance process only need to add pump lubricant, no need to replace parts and supplies.


11 十一月 2018


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